ANTARI M-10 Stage Fogger dūmų mašina

ANTARI M-10 Stage Fogger dūmų mašina
ANTARI M-10 Stage Fogger dūmų mašina
ANTARI M-10 Stage Fogger dūmų mašina
ANTARI M-10 Stage Fogger dūmų mašina
ANTARI M-10 Stage Fogger dūmų mašina
ANTARI M-10 Stage Fogger dūmų mašina
ANTARI M-10 Stage Fogger dūmų mašina
  • Ar turime: per 5-7 dienas
  • Gamintojas: ANTARI
  • Prekės kodas: 51701910
Be PVM: 799,00€
Arba užsakykite telefonu +370 607 20776 (darbo laikas I-V 11:00-18:00 val.)
  • Parduotuvėje V. Pietario g. 8, Vilniuje atsiimkite per 5-7 d. d.
    Darbo laikas I-V 11:00-18:00 val.
  • Pristatymas LP Express kurjeriu per 5-7 d. d. Šios prekės pristatymas iki durų - 3 Eur.
  • Pristatymas iki artimiausio Jums pašto skyriaus užtruks 5-8 d. d.
Smokes like a chimney!There are no doubts about the important role, that foggers play in the field of entertainment technology. And if you need more power on midle-seized and big stages, there should also be no doubts about the new and perfectly roadtrimmed ANTARI M-5 Stage Fogger to be the right choice. Since this professional fog machine is not only very powerful - compared to its younger brother, the M-5, the smoke performance is 30 or 40 per cent better - and unbelievable robust, but can also impress with its fog-emission. With high pressure the fog, which is not too dense by the way, is expelled and thus expands very quickly and takes up the room immediately. Try it and you will see, that you will almost not see anything.

DMX controllable, high-performance 3000 W fog machine

  • Powerful and 3000 W fogger for stage and touring applications
  • Continuous output
  • Rugged metal housing with carrying handles
  • 10 liter tank capacity
  • Removable tank, fluid level indication
  • Low fluid detector
  • Control via integrated DMX interface or supplied cable control module M-20
  • Functions of the M-20: timer with interval, duration and output volume; DMX starting address; continuous output; manual activation
  • Optional wireless controller M-30
  • Optional flightcase for rigorous touring applications
  • Perfect for large clubs, concerts, movie productions, rental companies and industrial applications
  • Power connection: Mains input Powercon (blue) Power supply cord with safety plug (M) (provided)
  • Control: Wireless remote control (optional); Wired remote control; Stand-alone; DMX

Tank capacity:10 l
Warm-up time:13 min.
Fluid consumption:5 min./l
Output volume:40000 cft/min. (approx. 1130 m³/min.)
DMX connection:5-pin and 3-pin XLR
Dimensions (L x W x H):690 x 319 x 292 mm
Power supply:230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption:3000 W
Warm-up time:ca. 13 min
Output volume:ca. 1130 m³/min
Tank capacity:10 l
Fluid consumption:ca. 200 ml/min
DMX channels:1
IP classification:IP20
Power connection:Mains input Powercon (blue) Power supply cord with safety plug (M)
Control:Wireless remote control (optional); Wired remote control; Stand-alone; DMX
Case color:Black
Width:31,9 cm
Depth:69 cm
Height:29,2 cm
Weight:25,75 kg

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