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Flash LASER 300mW SD CARD lazeris.

LASER 300mW SD CARD. This laser system contains a double grating effect and a total output power of 150W.The red laser diode module with a wavelength of 650nm, the green laser module with a wavelength of 532nm and the royal-blue laser diode module with a wavelength of 450nm ensure brilliant and bright colors and high visibility. The beams have a diameter of 3mm and a beam divergence of 2.0mrad.

Technical Specification:

  • rated power: 150W
  • power red: 100mW** / 650nm
  • power green: 60mW** / 532nm
  • power blue: 400mW** / 450nm

Beam specifications:     

  • laser source: diode
  • laser class:RGB

Operation modes:     

  • auto, music, DMX channels: 13
  • operating temperature: -1°--35°º
  • storage temperature: -10 --60°º
  • warm-up time :<35 min
  • modulation: TTL
  • the ability to record to SD card, a project that will be displayed (need additional software, such F4000236).
  • working environment: 10-40 degrees indoor
  • working mode: ILDA/SD card/sound active/auto-play/DMX512/master-slave


  • power cable
  • manual


  • power supply: 230V 50/60HZ, 50W
  • dimensions: 30x26x18cm
  • weight: 3.2 kg 

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