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Flash LED MOVING HEAD 60W judanti galva.

The new LED MOVING HEAD 60W with a powerful 60W white LED, this moving head has the equivalent light output of a 250W halogen bulb, yet uses less energy as well as having a longer life span. The light also features a prism, 7colour wheel, 6 different gobos which can be rotated to create a variety of effects. Each shape or pattern can also strobe via DMX or as part of the internal programs. It is absolutely perfect for installations in bars, nightclubs, stage shows and concerts


  • viewing angle: 25˚
  • the Power of Light: Light power: LUX: 1000 @ 4m
  • the color Mixing


  • two handles for screw hooks
  • indoor use only
  • mounting head in any position
  • minimum distance to illuminated surfaces: 3m
  • keep a minimum distance from the surrounding area of ​​the head: 0.5 m


  • power connector:  IN
  • mains connector:  OUT
  • DMX512 signal connector: 3-pin/5-pin  XLR (IN, OUT)


  • power supply: 110V/230V AC 50-60Hz
  • maximum power consumption: 80W
  • protection: F7AL


  • user manual

Technical Parameters:


  • voltage: AC110/220-240V 50Hz/60Hz
  • power consumption: 80W
  • channel: 12CH
  • lamp source: 60W high efficiency LED lamp
  • one color wheel: 7 colors + white light,bidirectional adjustment, rotation with rainbow effect
  • roto Gobo: 6 exquisite designs
  • manual Focus, 3-facet prism
  • level max scanning angle: 630 degrees
  • vertical max scanning angle: 270 degrees
  • 1-20times/second super velocity strobe effect, speed can be adjustable
  • 0-100% linear light adjustment
  • control mode: Standard DMX512 signal, master-slave control, automatic mode
  • tiptop environment temperature 104°F(40°C)
  • date input/output 3pin XLR-connection, andle socket
  • outside size 260 ×260×350mm(L×W×H) 
  • net weight:  7.0kg

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