OMNITRONIC DR-1000 MK2 bevielis imtuvas

OMNITRONIC DR-1000 MK2 bevielis imtuvas
OMNITRONIC DR-1000 MK2 bevielis imtuvas
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  • Gamintojas: OMNITRONIC
  • Prekės kodas: 13061092
Be PVM: 255,00€
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A variety of options with multi-frequency wireless systems
With the new 1000 series, OMNITRONIC offers future proof microphones in the frequency range UHF 740-764 MHz. Due to the high number of switchable frequencies (192), up to 16 intermodulation free wireless systems can be operated at once. This enables a variety of combinations between several receivers, hand-held microphones, bodypacks with singer headset or moderator headset or lavalier microphone.

Multifrequency wireless receiver, True Diversity

  • Multifrequency wireless receiver with UHF pilot tone technology (PLL)
  • High-quality true diversity reception
  • Two removable antennas (BNC connection)
  • Operation in the low-interference UHF band (740-764 MHz)
  • 192 carrier frequencies switchable in 125 kHz steps (40 frequencies per MHz)
  • Operation range with line of sight 100 meters
  • System expandable to up to 16 receivers with 16 microphones
  • LCD for battery status of the transmitter, antenna A/B, RF reception level, AF audio level and frequency
  • Automatic frequency scan
  • Output level control
  • Lock function avoids undesired changes by users, also accidental shutdown
  • Mute mode when signal is absent or too weak
  • 6.3 mm and XLR output
  • Operation via supplied power unit
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Optional mounting frame for rack installation available
  • Optional antenna boosters and antenna distributor for easy setup of several receivers
  • Optional hand-held microphone, pocket transmitter, lavalier microphone and headset available
  • License required in Germany

System:True diversity, one channel
Carrier frequency:UHF 740-764 MHz
Switching bandwidth:24 MHz
No. of frequencies:192
Frequency steps:125 kHz
Frequency stability:±0.005 %
T.H.D.:<0.6 % at 1 kHz
S/N ratio:>105 dB
Dynamic range:>96 dB
Modulation method:FM
Coverage:100 m (with line-of-sight)
AF response:40-18000 Hz
Audio output:3-pin XLR, balanced
6.3 mm jack, unbalanced
Power supply:100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
via supplied power unit
Power consumption:6 W
Dimensions:213 x 150 x 40 mm
Weight:600 g

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