OMNITRONIC HM-1000 MK2 bevielis mikrofonas

OMNITRONIC HM-1000 MK2 bevielis mikrofonas
OMNITRONIC HM-1000 MK2 bevielis mikrofonas
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  • Gamintojas: OMNITRONIC
  • Prekės kodas: 13055092
Be PVM: 149,00€
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Professional features for professional use
Who does not know the problems caused by anxious users: the presenter starts switching on and off the microphone, tests the signal transmission by knocking on the cover and making wild announcements or even changes the frequency. Thanks to OMNITRONIC's HM-1000, these strains on our nerves are over. Due to a special lock function, the user cannot make any changes by himself or even switch the microphone on and off.
The sound engineer can read all microphone operation modes right from the receiver display: is the frequency right, are microphone signals received and is the battery power still sufficient?
In this way, an event can perfectly be prepared and the sound engineer can act immediately if problems occur.
Every OMNITRONIC HM-1000 comes with 8 different colour caps so that every frequency can individually be marked. After making the necessary adjustments simply attach the colour cap to the end of the microphone body.
All necessary adjustments can easily be carried out via micro buttons. All modes are indicated on the LC-display.
If the signal strength at the receiver is too high, the microphone gain can be adjusted in 4 steps: 0, -10, -20 and -30 dB.
The metal housing of the HM-1000 is very rugged and could not be destroyed by falling one meter.

Hand-held microphone with PLL multifrequency transmitter

  • Dynamic hand-held microphone with UHF pilot tone technology (PLL)
  • Provides high-quality vocal and voice pickup for stages, discotheques, public speaking, theater etc.
  • Matches receiver DR-1000 MK2
  • Operation in the low-interference UHF band (740-764 MHz)
  • 192 carrier frequencies switchable in 125 kHz steps (40 frequencies per MHz)
  • Operation range 100 meters
  • Multichannel operation with up to 16 microphones possible
  • LCD for battery status and frequency
  • Sensitivity adjustable in 4 steps (0, -10, -20, -30 dB)
  • Lock function avoids undesired changes by users, also accidental shutdown
  • Aluminum diecast housing
  • Operation via 2 x 1.5 V mignon battery (type AA), not included
  • Delivery includes microphone case, microphone holder and 8 color rings to distinguish the microphones on stage
  • License required in Germany

Type:Hand-held dynamic microphone
Directivity pattern:Cardioid
Carrier frequency:UHF 740-764 MHz
Switching bandwidth:24 MHz
No. of frequencies:192
Frequency steps:125 kHz
Sensitivity:0, -10, -20, -30 dB
Frequency stability:±0.005%
Frequency range:50-16000 Hz
RF power output:10 mW
Coverage:100 m (with line-of-sight)
Power supply:2 x 1.5 V mignon battery (type AA)
Current consumption:approx. 200 mA
Battery life:approx. 8 hours
Dimensions:55 x 245 mm
Weight:360 g

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