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The MAXX-1200DSP is your compact active PA system with a high power of 1200 watts RMS. You are a mobile DJ a solo entertainer or are you playing in a small band? Then this mobile PA with its astonishing sound and good level stability is your perfect match.

Power is supplied via a subwoofer with 45 cm bass speaker and two satellite speakers with 25 cm bass-midrange speaker and 3.5 cm driver. The amplifier is protected against overload and overcurrent. You can find a passive 2-way crossover with a PTC tweeter protection within the satellites.

You have 5 EQ presets, RCA and combined XLR and 6.3 mm inputs with XLR parallel output (to connect further systems) at your disposal. Whether you want to work with mixers, notebooks, smartphones or CD players - the Maxx gets along with all this sources.

High-power active PA system with DSP, 1200 watts (18" sub, 10" tops)

  • Mobile 2.1 system with DSP and 1200 watts RMS power
  • Provides perfect sound and good level stability in various kinds of mobile PA applications up to medium-sized party events - ideal for solo entertainers, bands and mobile discos
  • 18" subwoofer in bassreflex cabinet provides powerful, dry bass
  • Two satellites with 10" bass-midrange speakers and 1.4" driver system
  • Satellites with passive 2-way crossover, PTC tweeter protection
  • Balanced signal input XLR/6.3 mm jack L/R, with level switch
  • Additional stereo RCA input
  • Parallel XLR line output L/R
  • 5 EQ presets with indicators, DSP-controlled
  • Signal limiter, DSP-controlled
  • Separate volume control for subwoofer and satellites
  • Adjustable crossover frequency 80-200 Hz
  • Stereo/mono selection
  • Subwoofer with plywood enclosure
  • Satellites with MDF enclosure
  • Enclosure (15 mm) with scratch-resistant lacquer surface, steel grille and flange
  • Subwoofer with M20 metal flange for mounting a satellite speaker
  • Delivery includes two speaker cables

Power supply:230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption:280 W (1/8 power)
Amplifier power:LF 800 W RMS + HF 2 x 200 W RMS
Subwoofer:18" woofer
Satellite speakers:10" woofer, 1.4" driver
Frequency range:
Subwoofer:40-150 Hz
Satellite speakers:60-19000 Hz
Subwoofer:97 dB
Satellite speakers:96 dB
Maximum SPL:
Subwoofer:126 dB
Satellite speakers:124.5 dB
Dispersion angle:50-100° x 55°
Line input:combination XLR/6.3 mm jack L/R
Parallel output:XLR L/R
Satellite:Speaker L/R
Dimensions (L x W x H):
Subwoofer:530 x 670 x 620 mm
Satellite speakers:525 x 335 x 306 mm
Subwoofer:38 kg
Satellite speakers:15 kg

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