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Flash LASER MINI RG lazeris su nuotliniu valdymu.

LASER MINI RG + RE, these small device with huge potential. It is very bright lasers with (red and green with remote) and it can use manually or by remote, running in Auto-Sound (control with built-in microphone). The device emits 'infinite' number of colored rays, which fill an entire room. Great for small and medium size and suitable for discotheques, pubs also for home party and school festivals.

Technical Specification:

  • laser: Red (650nm) + Green (532nm)
  • rated power: 5W

Beam specifications:    

  • laser source: diode
  • laser class: RG

Operation modes:     

  • operating temperature: -18°--30°º
  • storage temperature: -10 --60°º
  • control: Auto, Sound
  • tripod included
  • cooling system: Fan system
  • working environment: 10-40 degrees indoor
  • the device receives the full power of light after the normal working temperature)


  • power cable
  • manual


  • power supply: AC 230V (external power supply 5VDC)
  • dimensions: 117 x 52 x 92mm
  • weight: 0.4 kg

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