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LED juosta RGB 60 (5m).

LED STRIPE RGB one of the most popular applications of LED light strips. It is very simple install LED strip lights, as they can be cut every inch or so to fit your exact spacial requirements. Learn how to cut your LED strips, as well as what sort of LED power supply you’ll need and tips for using a remote with RGB LED strip lights. It is suitable for uses such as bars,nightclubs. etc


Place the strip on a clean, even, dry and not porous surface.
Do not fold the strip! Remove the coating paper of the tape on the backside of the strip and stick the strip in the desired location.
Note: If needed, the strip can be shortened every 3 LED’s / 5 cm, starting at the end of the strip.
1. Connect the RGB LED controller wire with the strip.
Attention: The 12V / 24V connection of the strip (see 12V+ indication on the strip) and the arrow on the plug of the RGB controller should be pointing towards each other!
Note: The controller can be fixed using tape or screws (not included!).
2. Connect the other side of the RGB controller with the adapter connection.
3. Connect the adapter with the power supply cable


  • LED RGB (60 pcs per 1mb )
  • Power supply: 12VDC 3.2A
  • Can be cut down every 10cm
  • Breadth strips 10mm
  • IP 65
  • 5m pack

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