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Flash flood light IP65 LED 10W prožektorius.

The FLOOD LIGHT IP65 LED 10W With strong ability for explosion proof light, and it also has proof non-explosion light. Our Flood light has a very bright power range. No dark space and with 120° viewing angle and the linear lighting can be used in different places according to your detailed requirement.


  • super bright LED.
  • available colors: cold white
  • customized lengths and LED quantities are available
  • no dark space and with 120° viewing angle and the linear lighting can be used in different places according to your detailed requirement
  • no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, low heat-release, long lifespan for 50,000 hours
  • for waterproof version, vacuum diffusion technique a very thin layer of deposited coating to IP65 waterproof standard, not affecting the LED brightness or color
  • with special connector and clip for fixing
  • accessories and connected wires with a perfect and humanistic way
  • luminous body of very high intensity, large viewing angle, good quality and stability
  • base made of aluminum. Major reduction in power costs. No RF interference and no buzzing noise.
  • adoption of high quality aluminum alloy, aluminum substrate as heat dispersion material guarantee the stability and high efficiency of LED, and effectively reduce its brightness degradation in the process of application
  • solid-state, high shock resistant, strong packaging, convenient to transportation


  • fix the light firmly with bolts by to mounting place.
  • after having fixed the light, connect cable of the light with cable from AC power source. Triple core cable of 10mm diameter is equipped with the light. Connect each line rightly with line in the cable from the AC power source, respectively.
  • switch on the light. It will shine instantly.


  • before mounting and use of the light, read through this Instructions and check whether voltage of power source conforms to that required for the light. If not, it may cause breakdown of the light and there may be a case that you should choose a differently rated light.
  • make surface of the light case and glass cover clean to ensure light transmittance and heat diffusion.
  • be careful not to have the light case contacted to hard materials in order to avoid scratches.
  • do not let amateur mount the light.
  • never neglect to ground the light. It is important to ensure security of power source and protection from lightening surge of the light.

Useful information

  • LED: 1x 10W white
  • material: aluminium
  • luminous flux: 85-100 LM/W
  • working voltage: AC 85-265V
  • color temperature: white 6000-6500K
  • beam angle: 100-120*
  • life span: 50000 hours
  • IP65
  • size: 130x110x42mm

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