Gamintojas: Orla
Prekės kodas: RS1000 E
Prieinamumas: per 5-7 dienas

arba užsakykite telefonu +370 607 20776
I-V 11:00 - 18:00


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Orla RS1000 E vargonai.

442 Fully Editable Sounds (many of which are new samples)

350 Fully Editable 7 part Styles
A selection of Reg Rawlings Theatre Organ Sounds
2x 61 note Fatar Fast Touch Keyboards
25 Note Pedal Board
All new 6 Speaker Amplification System with Bass Ports
2 Polyphonic Upper Sections, 2 Lead Voice Sections (available for right hand, split voice for right hand or split voice for lower manual).
Up to 2 pedal voices
Brand New 5 inch colour multi function display
7 Band Equaliser
Ability to record in MIDI file and WAV file (CD Compatible) format
4 Multi-Pads for storage of Sound Effects, MIDI or MP3 Sound Bytes
Internal and USB Storage
Initial touch and After touch on all sections
Brand new IFX effects for adding Wah, Flanger, Phaser and much more.
With 180W of power from its brand new speaker system, the RS1000eE has blown away all who have heard it so far and the sleek and stylish new look makes the Organ attractive from all angles. We are confident that this is our best product to date.

With the fully editable styles and sounds, we are giving control to you as the player to be able to customise both voice and rhythm to your specific registration requirement. The much larger amount of sounds gives players a much wider choice and variation of voices to chose from when selecting the perfect sound for a specific piece of music.

The possibilities and variations are endless on the brand new Ringway RS1000E. From the Bass Pedals upwards, the RS1000E allows you to take full control allowing you to add that 'personal touch' to any piece of music you choose.

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