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Programinė įranga valdyti lazeriui

HARDWARE & SOFTWARE TO CONTROL LASER, this software is made for large-area machine, particulary for high-spaeed engraving and cutting.The following is the main features and functions of this software, it can support AI, BMF, PLT, DST  ILDA DB25 software and DXF etc, after graphics input, you can do some simple editing (change the size circumrotate and copy etc, Data of different layers can be output respectively. speed and mode engrave and cut etc.) of each layer can be set respectively All the parameters will be saved automatically. Graphics can be engraved; Vector graph can be drawn, cut and engraved, precise level can be set up freely. Support array output and the software can calculate the number of data to cover the material. Whole processing procedure can be simulated on screen. The original point can be set anywhere to make processing conveniently.
360 degree grade engraving. The grade can be set freely.  Mass graphics(›15M) can be calculated rapidly. When the speed changes, the power intensity will change automatically. It can insure the process depth is constant.. Excellent optimized-path  and path definition. When cutting you can add assistant lines. This  can make the juncture smooth and output quality is increased. 


  • words roll display function
  • directly static function of the true type style
  • draw cord  pattern direct input
  • ILDA file display and edit
  • laser show free edit and display
  • support with any ILDA DB25 interface laser show software
  • support any laser with TTL adjustment method
  • maximum  control 5 laser lights with different display effects
  • friendly operation interface
  • convenient USB 2.0 connection method

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