Stagg EDB-3/4RDL BK kontrabosas

Stagg EDB-3/4RDL BK kontrabosas
Stagg EDB-3/4RDL BK kontrabosas
  • Ar turime: Per 7-10 dienų
  • Gamintojas: Stagg
  • Prekės kodas: EDB-3/4RDL BK
Be PVM: 559,00€

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Arba užsakykite telefonu +370 607 20776 (darbo laikas I-V 11:00-18:00 val.)
  • Parduotuvėje V. Pietario g. 8, Vilniuje atsiimkite per 5-7 d. d.
    Darbo laikas I-V 11:00-18:00 val.
  • Pristatymas LP Express kurjeriu per 5-7 d. d. Šios prekės pristatymas iki durų - 3 Eur.
  • Pristatymas iki artimiausio Jums pašto skyriaus užtruks 5-8 d. d.

Stagg EDB-3/4RDL BK kontrabosas.

  • type: electric double bass
  • size: 3/4
  • top: solid maple
  • headstock: solid maple
  • neck: solid maple
  • fingerboard: dark rosewood
  • bridge: ebonized maple, height adjustable, with built-in piezo PU
  • nut: plastic, black
  • spike: nickel-plated steel, adjustable
  • hip and arm supports: nickel-plated steel, with lock screw
  • machine heads: P-bass style, diecast, nickel
  • electronics: volume and bass control, low battery indicator, 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo mini jack input for CD or MP3 player, 3.5 mm (1/8") mini jack output for headphones and 6.35 mm (1/4") jack output
  • diapason: german
  • included: gigbag
  • colour: black

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