Flash LED PAR 64 250W 5in1COB white 2000 - 9000K + barndoor prožektorius

Flash LED PAR 64 250W 5in1COB white 2000 - 9000K + barndoor prožektorius
Flash LED PAR 64 250W 5in1COB white 2000 - 9000K + barndoor prožektorius
Flash LED PAR 64 250W 5in1COB white 2000 - 9000K + barndoor prožektorius
Flash LED PAR 64 250W 5in1COB white 2000 - 9000K + barndoor prožektorius
Flash LED PAR 64 250W 5in1COB white 2000 - 9000K + barndoor prožektorius
  • Ar turime: per 5-7 dienas
  • Gamintojas: Flash-Butrym
  • Prekės kodas: P7100401
Be PVM: 269,00€
Arba užsakykite telefonu +370 607 20776 (darbo laikas I-V 11:00-18:00 val.)
  • Parduotuvėje V. Pietario g. 8, Vilniuje atsiimkite per 5-7 d. d.
    Darbo laikas I-V 11:00-18:00 val.
  • Pristatymas LP Express kurjeriu per 5-7 d. d. Šios prekės pristatymas iki durų - 3 Eur.
  • Pristatymas iki artimiausio Jums pašto skyriaus užtruks 5-8 d. d.

Flash LED PAR 64 250W 5in1 COB  white 2000 - 9000K + barndoor prožektorius.

Precise white light adjustment: 2000K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 9000K

LED PAR equipped with high power white COB diode, which consists of 5 rows of independently controlled LED chips with temperatures of 2000K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 9000K. It gives a very bright white light of any color temperature in the range of 2000K - 9000K. The device is invaluable in places where very precise adjustment of white light is required.

Flash Professional LED PAR Series

The newest series of products designed and made in Poland is a guarantee of quality and reliability. A number of modern features used in Flash Professional series, combined with robust construction, unique design and versatility provides ease of use and the highest quality of light effects in almost all conditions.

The unique, patented design

Outstanding design is one of the most characteristic features of Flash Professional Series. Together with high quality and robust design it makes the new product ideal choice for owners of small discos, clubs and large event organizers. Dedicated bracket with an ergonomic handle and multiple mounting holes provides a great convenience. The devices are characterized by high quality finish and reliability.

Modern, authored electronics

Devices are equipped with a control module with unique software created for versatility and comfort of use of advanced features and settings applied.

The devices were equipped with DMX signal regeneration and electronic protection against overheating features, which allows for seamless installation without the need for additional electronics.

Features and Effects

To control Flash Professional devices you can choose from several convenient modes with different DMX channels setting: standard or advanced.

Additionally DMX channel arrangement is the same for all devices in Flash Professional series, which facilitates the use of collection consisting of different models. It also makes it easier to attach another device to the existing collection.

  • optional wireless DMX interface
  • theater mode: do 26dB
  • disco mode: d0 60dB
  • power consumption: 250W
  • power supply voltage: 100 - 245V
  • voltage frequency: 50/60Hz
  • diode type: COB 5in1
  • number of diodes: 1
  • diode power: 250W
  • display: LCD matrix
  • color:white: 2000K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 9000K (smooth adjustment in the range of 2000-9000K)
  • color rendering index (CRI): 98
  • beam angle (min): 37°
  • beam angle (max): 37°
  • dimming: linear: 0 - 100%
  • number of DMX channels: 7/8
  • DMX standard: DMX 512
  • control interface: 4 buttons
  • operating modes: DMX512, Auto, Sound-controlled, Master / Slave, Manual color
  • features: DMX signal regeneration, electronic protection against overheating
  • additional information: rotary narn door
  • AC IN: powerCON
  • AC OUT: powerCON
  • DMX IN: XLR - 3 pin
  • DMX OUT: XLR - 3 pin 
  • IP rating: IP20
  • housing made: ABS
  • cooling: active
  • dimensions: 28x24x27 cm
  • weight with packaging: 4.2 kg
  • set includes: power cord, double bracket, barn doors

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