EUROLITE Snow 5001 sniego mašina

EUROLITE Snow 5001 sniego mašina
EUROLITE Snow 5001 sniego mašina
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Snow Patrol!
The word winter derives from old Germanic Winta, which meant "white time". Having added the Snow effect machine to our assortment, you now have the possibility to create a white time yourself. This strong motor enables a quick snowing and a foam/snow build up with a very dense snow cover. At the same time the flocks are thrown into the room. The snow machine is delivered with a bracket for suspended mounting and does not only shine due to its product. The high-quality construction as well as the excellent value for money do impress, too. Memories of ski slopes or snow-covered sceneries will awake and a winterly mood starts to develop. Perfect for theaters and discotheques, which need snow for their décor. A permanent operation can be guaranteed by the huge 2.5 l tank. And when the snow storm is over the dissolution happens nearly without residues. With the Snow you can define the winter to come!

Mid-sized snow machine with cable remote control

  • A lot of snowflakes are thrown into the room up to a distance of 2 m
  • Constant snowing creates a foam/snow build up, which dissolves gradually
  • The dissolution of the "blanket of snow" happens nearly without residues
  • Snow output is controlled via the control unit at the remote control
  • The output distance can be adjusted from 0 - 2 m
  • Ideal for a "winter" subject in discos, theatres etc.
  • 5 l tank for permanent operation
  • Suitable snowfluid: EUROLITE Snowfluid
  • With bracket for suspended mounting
  • High-quality structure
  • High quality at a low price

Power supply:230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption:1500 W
Tank capacity:5 l
Fluid-consumption:200 ml/min.
Dimensions (L x W x H):530 x 310 x 450 mm
Weight:7 kg


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