OMNITRONIC BX-2550 1200W žemų dažnių kolonėlė

OMNITRONIC BX-2550 1200W žemų dažnių kolonėlė
OMNITRONIC BX-2550 1200W žemų dažnių kolonėlė
  • Ar turime: per 5-7 dienas
  • Gamintojas: OMNITRONIC
  • Prekės kodas: 11037751
Be PVM: 279,00€
Konsultacija telefonu +370 607 20776 (darbo laikas I-V 11:00-18:00 val.)
  • Parduotuvėje V. Pietario g. 8, Vilniuje atsiimkite per 5-7 d. d.
    Darbo laikas I-V 11:00-18:00 val.
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Enormous performance at an excellent sound: this is one feature of the BX-series of OMNITRONIC's speaker series. The mounting of the subwoofer is very hard and convinces even under hard usage with a powerful bass. The bass reflex system supports the voluminous effect of this speaker series enormously. Suitable for stage use, song performance and discotheques.

2 x 15" Subwoofer with 1200 watts power

  • High-pressure bass support for all top speakers
  • Powerful, dry bass via voluminous housing and bass-reflex tubes
  • Passive crossover, switchable
  • Very high durability
  • With bar handles
  • Scratch-resistant, black felt-covering
  • Strong protective grille for perfect protection
  • With stable protective steel corners
  • Ideal for mobile discotheques or for permanent installation in discotheques etc.

Rated power:600 W RMS
Program power:1200 W
Components:2 x 38 cm woofer (2 x 15")
Connection:2 Speaker sockets
Sensitivity:101 dB
Impedance:8 ohms
Frequency range:15-300 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D):900 x 465 x 455 mm
Weight:27 kg


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