OMNITRONIC EM-260B Entertainment mikšerinis pultas

OMNITRONIC EM-260B Entertainment mikšerinis pultas
OMNITRONIC EM-260B Entertainment mikšerinis pultas
  • Ar turime: per 5-7 dienas
  • Gamintojas: OMNITRONIC
  • Prekės kodas: 10007076
Be PVM: 229,00€
Konsultacija telefonu +370 607 20776 (darbo laikas I-V 11:00-18:00 val.)
  • Parduotuvėje V. Pietario g. 8, Vilniuje atsiimkite per 5-7 d. d.
    Darbo laikas I-V 11:00-18:00 val.
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Become a singstar - mixer for microphone an line sources

The perfect tool for your karaoke party: With the Omnitronic EM-260B Entertainment Mixer you mix 3 microphone and 3 line sources to one stereo output - in an very simple way. Installing the mixer is easy as well, thanks to the small dimensions you are flexible.

Design clearly arranged

Even if you are a beginner, you can operate the mixer very easily. As it is clearly structured, you won?t get lost. Each channel has a clip LED. The microphone inputs show optional 12 V phantom power. The unit is perfectly suited for bar, restaurant or club house installation.

Effects an recording sessions

With the FX send/return (with FX level control) you can cut in effects to support your voice. Record singing sessions by using the record output.



6-channel microphone line mixer, Black



  • 6 inputs (3 x mic/line and 3 x line) for mixing to 1 stereo output
  • Ideal e.g. for karaoke when microphones need to mixed with CDs
  • 3 mono input channels mic/line (XLR, bal.), switchable
  • 3 stereo line input channels (RCA)
  • Clip LED for each microphone channel
  • Each microphone input with optional 12 V phantom power
  • FX send/return with FX level control
  • Stereo master out (6.3 mm jack) with 2-band equalizer (highs and lows) and level control
  • Stereo record output (RCA)
  • Rack installation, 1 U



Power supply:115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:35 W
Inputs MIC 1-3:XLR
Max. input level:-14 dB
Inputs LINE 1-3:stereo RCA
Max. input level:24 dB
RETURN:6.3 mm stereo jack
MASTER:6.3 mm stereo jack
REC:stereo RCA
SEND:6.3 mm jack
Tone control: 
High:-12 dB to +12 dB/ 10 kHz
Bass:-12 dB to +12 dB/ 100 Hz
S/N ratio:69 dB
Frequency range:20-20000 Hz
Distortion:0.025 %
Dimensions (W x D x H):482 x 123 x 43 mm (19", 1 U)
Weight:2.2 kg




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