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Kolonėlė Ibiza Sound PORT10UHF-BT.

In addition to its exceptional sound quality for this product category, this portable system offers important features: -high autonomy due to its built-in rechargeable battery and dual power supply (12V & 220V) , - versatility due to a retractable handle and wheels, total freedom of movement in any application due to the high end UHF microphone, a remote control and various in- and outputs to suit all kinds of sources including USB/SD/MMC-MP3. Large back-lit display showing ID3 information to name just a few.

  • RMS/max. power : 250/500W
  • MP3 USB/WMA/BLUETOOTH player with large ID3 tag display
  • 1xUHF handmic 863MHz (R&TTE approved)
  • 1xwired handheld microphone
  • FM Tuner (option)
  • VOX function (voice activation)
  • bass & Treble controls
  • volume & ECHO controls for the microphone
  • music volume control
  • BLUETOOTH connection
  • MIC, LINE & MP3 inputs (Smartphone & Tablet PC)
  • built-in charger & RECHARGEABLE BATTERY
  • supplied incl. protection bag & remote control
  • handle & wheels for ease of transport
  • runs 4-6 hours on battery (depending on intensity of use)
  • headset-mic available as an option (Order code: PORTUHF-HEAD)


  • max. power:  500W
  • RMS power:  250W
  • UHF mic frequency band:  863MHz
  • sensitivity:  97dB
  • freq. range:  45Hz 20kHz
  • power supply:  110-240Vcc / 50-60Hz
  • battery:  12V / 4,5Ah (BAT-PORT4.5A)
  • dimensions:  370x360x525mm

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