OMNITRONIC DX-1522 3-Way 800 W kolonėlė

OMNITRONIC DX-1522 3-Way 800 W kolonėlė
OMNITRONIC DX-1522 3-Way 800 W kolonėlė
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High performance at a low price: the OMNITRONIC DX-series! Available in five differently powered versions, the DX-series provides the right speaker-system for almost every need. The housing with carpet finish is extremely rugged, which makes this series also perfect for mobile DJs.



Rugged full-range speaker-system with 15" woofer and 800 watts power



  • 3-way party speaker-system for disco and rock music
  • Piezo super tweeters for powerful treble
  • High-quality horn for smooth mid-range
  • Optional subbass provides a powerful bass
  • Very high durability
  • With bar handles
  • Stable wooden housing scratch-resistant, black felt-covering
  • Strong protective grille for perfect protection
  • Flange for stand installation
  • With stable protective steel corners
  • Compact speaker-system for car transport
  • Ideal for mobile discotheques or for permanent installation in party rooms etc.



Rated power:400 W RMS
Program power:800 W
Components:38 cm woofer (15"), piezo, horn
Connection:2 Speaker sockets
Sensitivity:97 dB
Impedance:8 ohms
Frequency range:30-18000 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D):655 x 475 x 355 mm
Weight:16 kg




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