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4-channel dimmer for LED lights with 230 V operation

  • 4 dimmer channels
  • Max. channel load 200 watts
  • DMX, automatic and music mode
  • Independent DMX addressing per channel possible
  • QuickDMX connector for wireless DMX connection
  • 16 integrated chaser programs with adjustable speed
  • Dimmer or switch operation
  • 4 channel faders for control on the device
  • Control panel with LCD display for easy configuration
  • LED status indicators per output channel
  • 2 x M10 flying point
  • Power input and output for easy power linking
  • Can be operated in 1; 4; 6 CH mode
  • Controlling by QuickDMX via USB (optional); RDM; Stand-alone; Sound to light via Microphone; DMX

Power supply:230 V AC, 50 Hz
Output power:Max. 200 W per channal
Max. 800 W
Power connection:Mains input P-Con (blue), mounting version Power supply cord with safety plug
Power output:4 x Safety contact (F), hinged lid mounting version
1 x PowerCON (gray), mounting version Bypass
DMX channels:1; 4; 6
DMX input:3-pin XLR (M)
DMX output:3-pin XLR (F)
Control:QuickDMX via USB (optional); RDM; Stand-alone; Sound to light via Microphone; DMX
Control channels:4
Flying points:2 x M10 thread
Display type:LCD display
Dimensions:Width: 21 cm
Depth: 29 cm
Height: 9 cm
Weight:2,65 kg
Tipas Dimmer

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